Saturday, July 23, 2022


Today is the beginning of a SCRAPBOOK SATURDAY series, but before I start, let me tell you the story of how this series started.

Some of you may have read in previous posts that the reason I started stamping was because I wanted to make a memory scrapbook of my cute and loveable little Bichon, Baxter, after he passed away.  I had never tried to make a scrapbook and had no idea how to start.

Fortunately for me, I mentioned it to one of my co-workers and she suggested I contact another gal we worked with that was into paper crafting.  Well, before I had a chance to contact her, she appeared at my desk with a Stampin' Up! catalog.  She was a Stampin' Up! demonstrator, and she invited me to attend her "STAMP CAMP" the next weekend.

Of course, I had no idea what "STAMP CAMP" was and when I asked, she told me that they made cards.  I quickly told her I didn't want to make cards!  I wanted to make a scrapbook.  (In my mind, I was thinking, "Why would anyone ever make cards?  That is what Hallmark is for!")

She patiently explained that the techniques were similar, and I could use the things I learned at "STAMP CAMP" and apply them to Scrapbooking.  So, I reluctantly agreed to come, but I'll admit, I wasn't so sure about this cardmaking thing.  However, I really wanted to make a Scrapbook, so I figured it couldn't hurt, and I might learn something useful.

So that next Saturday, off I went to "STAMP CAMP".  We made 4 cards and I fell in love!  I was so excited about those four little cards I had made that I went again the next month, and then the next and the next... 

I eventually became a Stampin' Up! demonstrator myself, and I've been making cards ever since. I've been making cards now for nearly 17 years, but I never did get my Baxter Scrapbook finished!  So late last year, I decided I needed to get this scrapbook done.  

I thought I would have it finished by the end of 2021, but nope.  It didn't happen--not even close.  So as a New Year's resolution I gave myself the goal of finishing it by July.  I missed that goal by one day, but on July 2, 2022, I called it finished -- well for about a week until I looked at one of the pages and realized I forgot to add something to it that I specifically had purchased for that page.

So that is the history behind the SCRAPBOOK SATURDAY SERIES I am beginning today.

Each Saturday I will post photos of a two-page spread as we flip through Baxter's Scrapbook.  There is not going to be a lot of stamping, layout explanation or chit chat on the posts.  You are getting enough "chit-chat" today.  

I want you to know up-front, that obviously, based on my story, I am not an experienced or accomplished scrapbooker.  I have looked at many published scrapbook layouts over the years and have decided that the pages in REMEMBERING BAXTER are not going to be about the pretty layout or the over-the-top embellishments.  The focus of my pages will be on the photos and the memories.

Today I am sharing only the first page of my scrapbook, but each Saturday until we reach the last page, I will share a two-page spread.  

I hope you will come back each week and enjoy the journey down memory lane with me.  

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