Sunday, December 5, 2021


What a fun afternoon I had yesterday partying with Fairless Stamping Friends and the Stampin' Up! KIT COLLECTION.

For those that missed the fun, I thought I'd share some photos so you can see all the fun that you missed.  We got the party rolling with a feature of every good party -- food -- and lots of chatting!  

After finishing our lunch, it was time to get busy.  We opened our kits and investigated what was inside those boxes.

Now it was time to really get down to business and start putting our projects together.  I think we all finally concluded that sorting things into "piles of stuff" for each project seemed to work best.

Yay!  Tiffany completed the first card...  Pretty isn't it?

Work continues with lots of checking out each other's kits!

After working hard, it was time for a desert break!  Dutch Apple Pie and Ice Cream gave us the energy to continue.

Now it's time to start showing off our completed projects.  Tiffany made the Petal Notes Card Kit, a kit that requires no stamping!  She was obviously the first to finish, and she had the cleanest hands!  Though simple, the colors and design of her cards still create a WOW!

Both Pats made the Love, Santa Tags.  It was fun to compare notes and give each other hints on what to do and what not to do.  Here is Pat with all her finished tags.  The other Pat is behind the camera, and you can see a little peak of my tags laying on the table behind Pat -- just to prove I really did do them!

Peggy chose the No Matter the Weather Card Kit, and she's showing off each of the 3 designs in her kit!  This is a beautiful kit, and Peggy thought it would be perfect for several Spring birthdays she has coming up.

After we all completed our kits, we discussed what we liked and didn't like about "KITS".  Our consensus was that these are a great option for beginner stampers who want to stick their toe in the water of paper crafting.  The kits include everything you need, and even though the four of us are all seasoned stampers with more "stuff" in our craft rooms than we would like to admit, we were all very happy with our completed projects.  And the three of us that made kits that included stamping still managed to walk away with inky fingers!

Pat, Peggy, and Tiffany also each went home with a desktop Christmas tree and little gift.  I love this picture.  I am truly blessed to call these wonderful women my friends!

Once last group shot, and the afternoon was a wrap!

Tiffany, Pat, Peggy & Pat

Pat, this one is for you -- the shot without the dimensionals!

Everyone else, if you don't understand what I'm talking about, it's an inside joke.  You had to be there, and I bet after seeing all the fun we had, you wish you were there!  Am I right?

Thank you my friends, Tiffany, Pat & Peggy.  You are the best.  Thank you so much for making it a great afternoon!

Below are the kits that we assembled.  If you like these or want to check out other kits that are available, just click on the Shop Now tab and it will take you to my Stampin' Up! Store where you can see them all.

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