Saturday, April 8, 2023


We started the journey through Grandma's 1st Year on January 7, and today completes our journey.

On January 7, I shared the First and Last page of the scrapbook.

At that time, I shared some close-ups of the A Star is Born page, and promised close-ups of the final page when we completed our series.

I also indicated that when I make my scrapbooks, I tend to create the 1st page and the last page as a layout.  Since I don't have a lot of scrapbooking experience, I don't know if this is typical or unique, but I feel it gives some continuity to my scrapbook, so right or wrong, that's what I do.

So as promised, here are a couple of close-ups of my final page.

I just love this verse for my final page:

Before you were born

we DREAMED of you, we IMAGINED you,

we PRAYED for you.

Now that you are here

We HOPE for you, we LOVE you,

we THANK GOD for you.

I hope you have enjoyed our journey through this "Grandma's 1st Year" series.  If you did, will you leave me a comment?  Would you like more Saturday Scrapbook series?  If so, what topic theme would you like?

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