Saturday, November 5, 2022


When Baxter was about 8-1/2 years old he and I moved from Troy out to the lake.  Baxter was definitely not happy with me.

Baxter was never a "Water Loving Dog".  He probably associated it with baths, blow dryers and brushes trying to detangle his hair.  Although he could swim, he was not a fan of swimming. 

I suspect his dislike of the water went back to when he was relatively young.  We were up north and the three of us took a boat ride trip through the canal from Mullet Lake to Burt Lake.  There was a park on Burt Lake near the exit from the canal, so we parked the boat and decided to take Baxter to shore for a potty break.   As we were walking back to the boat (the water was shallow near shore), we walked a little bit out into the water to see if Baxter would follow.  He was very hesitant, but eventually started to walk out with us.  As we were walking a small wave rolled in, but for little Baxter, it was a big wave, and he got it full in the face.  He was fine and we had a good laugh, but I think between that and the baths, he decided he didn't like water!

If you read the captions and the journaling that accompany the photos, I think Baxter's water experiences will make you smile.  I know they made me smile as I was making these pages.

Because there were so many cute photos of Baxter at the lake, I wasn't able to squeeze them all on two pages.  So, the Moving to the Lake story will be continued...

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