Wednesday, January 17, 2024


Don't you just love these Jungle Pals? I can't help but smile as I create with them.  Did you notice they all have smiles on their faces?

Today Sam the Sloth and Luna the Lemur wanted to play in the jungle together.  Luna can run circles around Sam, but he is just happy hanging in his tree.

I asked them to introduce themselves because I didn't know how much you knew about Sloths and Lemurs.

Sam says his favorite thing to do is to take naps, and he sleeps about 15 - 20 hours per day.  When he is awake it takes him about a day to travel 40 yards.  He likes to munch on leaves, twigs and buds, and because he has such long arms he is surprisingly an excellent swimmer, so occasionally he drops from his treetop perch to take a swim.

Luna says she hails from Madagascar, an island off the coast of East Africa, and because she is female she weighs less than 6 pounds.  Luna is happy to be a ringtail variety Lemur, and she is very proud that her tail can grow up to 2 feet long!  She spends about 40% of her time on the ground and likes to eat leaves, flowers and insects, but sometimes she splurges and has some fruit and herbs.  She is very social and lives with many other Lemurs.  But she is really glad she is a female because that means she is dominant in the group and gets preferential accesses to food and a choice of whom to mate with.  

Sam and Luna are very happy with their Frosted Filter Jungle, and Sam loves his treetop tree branch.

Sam and Luna invited their friend Tilly the Toucan to join the fun, but she decided she needed her own space so asked to be on the inside of the card.  Tilly is feeling a little confused because she isn't sure if she is really a Toucan or not, but since she wanted to have lots of bright colors, she decided that's what she was going to be.

Leo the lion is hiding on the envelope, but we'll let him introduce himself on another day.  Aren't these Jungle Pals adorable?  The Sale-a-Bration stamp set can be selected for free with a $50 order.  The coordinating dies can be selected with a $100 order.

To learn more about the Frosted Filter Technique that was used to create the Pals' Jungle you can watch a replay of the Learning with Friends Video where I demonstrated the Technique. It's easy and a lot of fun, so grab a pair of rubber gloves and have some fun experimenting with your own colors.

If you would like a written tutorial for today's card with all the dimensions and step-by-step instructions, including a link to the video, use this link to download a copy.

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