Friday, February 11, 2022


Does love really come in all shapes and sizes?  Think about the people, animals, and things that you love, and I think that you would have to agree that yes, love does come in all shapes and sizes.

And if you still doubt it -- well, here is a card that says it does.  So, it must be true!

After I got side-tracked a bit yesterday with the Here Together Bundle, I'm back today to finish off the week with another card using the Count on Me stamp set.

The more I have used this set this week, the more I have fallen in love with it.  The little animals are all so cute, and if, like me, you like to color than what could be better than cute animals that I get to color.

Today, I would like to introduce you to Frosty, Kiwi and Gwen.  I decided to name the Polar Bear, Frosty because he reminds me of Frosty the Snowman -- or maybe that is just because as I sit here making this card, all I see outside is white stuff everywhere!  Well, except for the colorful ice shanties with crazy people sitting in them out there in the freezing cold trying to catch fish.  Don't they know there are fish in the store -- or maybe that "shelf" is empty.  Anyway, I digress...

Kiwi is the little bird keeping his eye on Frosty.  He's not so sure what a Polar Bear is as they don't live where he does.

I wasn't really sure what a Kiwi bird is or what color it is, so like with anything else we don't know these days -- we Google it!  Right?  I found lots of pictures of little brown birds that supposedly can't fly, and they live in New Zealand.  

One interesting thing I learned is that the kiwi's egg is one of the largest in proportion to its body size of any species of bird in the world.  It can be up to 20% of the female's weight!  Think about that for a minute.

Well, I didn't really want a little brown bird on my card, so I kept looking and found that there are some extremely rare white kiwi birds.  That sounded better for my card, so I made Kiwi white.  He was very happy about that, too, as he didn't want to look like all the other Kiwi birds.  

Actually, he's also happy that he's a "he" and doesn't have to "birth" eggs that are 20% of his weight!  That little piece of trivia is now stuck in my head thinking about giving birth to a baby that is 20% of my weight!  Again, I digress...

Gwen, of course, is the cute little penguin.  I'm not sure why she is in the sky because Penguin's can't fly either, (Google told me) so I guess the balloon is helping her fly.  But she sees the pond and is quickly heading there before the balloon pops.  Gwen says she would much rather be swimming and isn't happy with me for making her "fly".

It looks like there must have been another critter there before these three arrived because he left his tracks around the area.  Do you see them?  Maybe he's hiding on the inside of the card.

Sure enough, it's Gwen's friend Pen.  Pen says he likes to fly and wishes that he had larger wings so he could fly without the help of the silly pink balloon.  He thinks he should at least have been given a blue balloon--or maybe a few balloons in case one pops!

I hope you have enjoyed meeting Frosty, Kiwi, Gwen, and Pen today.  They also believe that love comes in all shapes and sizes, and they told me to tell you that they particularly love Stampers -- who also come in all shapes and sizes!  

Happy Friday my Stampin' Friends!  Enjoy your weekend.

If you would like a tutorial for today's card, you can download one here.

A list of the Products used is shown below.

Product List
Mango Melody Combo Pack Stampin' Blends
Mango Melody Combo Pack Stampin' Blends
White Signo Uni-Ball Gel Pen
White Signo Uni-Ball Gel Pen

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