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I have made several Baby's First Year Scrapbooks over the years and have given them as Baby Shower gifts or in Baby Gift Baskets for Charity silent auctions. 

One day when I was “organizing” my crafting "treasures", I found a leftover completed scrapbook in my stash.  A friend of mine had just recently become a grandma for the first time, so I asked her if she would like it.

I think her granddaughter was about 3 months old at the time, and she was excited to get it.  Within a week or so after giving it to her, she sent me pictures showing me she had already started to add photos to the scrapbook.

Her Granddaughter is now over a year old and when our group of friends got together for a Christmas Party a couple weeks before Christmas, she brought out her completed book and showed it to us.  She had done a beautiful job of adding pictures of her adorable granddaughter, and I was really excited to see it because it was the first time, I had ever actually seen one of the Baby Scrapbooks I’d made complete with pictures!  

Her completed book inspired me to make up one of the leftover scrapbooks that I still had.  (I’m determined to get the extra “crafting supplies” I have used up someday!)

For the next several weeks I am going to share this scrapbook with you on a new Scrapbook Saturday series!  However, rather than make it a “Baby’s First Year” scrapbook, I decided to make it a “Grandma’s First Year” scrapbook.  I think maybe Grandma’s have more interest in actually putting photos in a scrapbook rather than having them only in their phone.

So, for the next several weeks, I am going to share with you my completed “Grandma’s First Year” scrapbook.  It will use a mixture of current products and retired products because I'm a firm believer in using what you have, and my main goal is to provide you with ideas and inspiration.  No layouts will require specific products.

I’ve created this scrapbook a little differently than my previous ones.  For this book I decided to assume that the grandbaby was born in January, so where it made sense, for subsequent monthly pages, I added seasonal and/or holiday touches to the layout.  For example, a January born baby would be one month old in February, so for that page I included a Valentine theme.  Each month-number throughout the book has been adhered with temporary adhesive, so the scrapbook can be easily adjusted to whichever month the grandbaby was actually born.

Here is the first page welcoming the brand-new baby.

I typically make the first page and the last page of my scrapbooks with a similar design, so they tie the book together.

After we make it through month 12, I will show you more photos of the last page, but I wanted you to see how they looked together.

Today's post is a bit chatty, but I wanted to give you an explanation of the background for this Scrapbook Saturday series and also a little information on what to expect in future weeks.  However, as with the Remembering Baxter scrapbook series, future posts will have minimal text and the focus will just be on the photos.

I hope you will come back each Saturday as we make our way through Grandma’s First Year!

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