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What are your favorite kinds of weddings? Outdoor weddings?  Traditional weddings?  Large weddings?  Small and intimant weddings? Elegant weddings?  Destination weddings?

The types of weddings we could list are endless, but we probably all have a "type" that we enjoy most.  But no matter the type, I think we card makers want to give a special card.   The Lifetime of Love Bundle is the perfect bundle to make beautiful wedding cards.  Not that it can't be used for other types of cards as well, but it definitely can make beautiful wedding cards that are quick and easy.  I'm going to be sharing cards made with this bundle all this week.

The card I made for today's post was certainly quick and easy.  It is a bit of a monochromatic card made with Moody Mauve, Bubble Bath and Rose Gold Foil.

All I had to do was die cut the "frame" from the foil, emboss the Bubble Bath cardstock with the Timeworn Type embossing folder and then add a sentiment.

It would have been even easier if I had remembered to use an adhesive sheet for the die cut frame.  But of course, I thought of that AFTER I had already cut it, so I had to use a little liquid adhesive applied carefully to the die cut.  In spite of sticky fingers, it worked fine, but next time I hope I remember the adhesive sheet!

Since I am in the stage of my life where I rarely have the opportunity to go to weddings anymore, I decided to use the "forever and always" sentiment.  This way it provides a little more generic purpose like maybe for an anniversary card.

I purchased the Rose Gold foil when it first came out but have been hoarding it!  It is so pretty.  However, I am on a mission to start using some of the beautiful specialty papers that I tend to want to save.  This Rose Gold Foil actually has 3 different "designs" in the pack.  One of the designs has a matte finish, one has a mirror-like glossy finish and the one I used on today's card is glossy, but not as shinny as the mirror-like one.  The gold foil on today's card also has an iridescence to it and the colors change a bit depending on the lighting.  Can you see the different colors in the strip that I've put on the inside of the card?  Isn't it beautiful?  I did not realize one of the designs had this iridescence until I started playing with it on this card.

If you would like a tutorial with all the cutting dimensions and step-by-step assembly directions, please use this link to download a FREE copy.

As I said, it is a quick and easy card so the supply list is short.  For more information on any of the products used, just click on the image in the following list.  It will take you to my online store where you can find more information and purchase the products if desired.

Product List

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