Friday, October 15, 2021


Today is my first attempt at making a Pin-Wheel card!  I was a little nervous about trying this fancy fold as it looked complicated!  Do you ever build up things in your mind to be a "bigger deal" than they actually turn out to be?  Well, that was definitely the case with this Pin-Wheel card.  It was so much easier than I thought it was going to be!

Once the basic "box" in the center of the card was created and the four pieces of cardstock were added to create the Pin-Wheel, it was all about decorating each panel.  That's when the fun began!

Using the Cute Halloween Designer Series Paper, made the decorating super easy.  I just covered each panel with a different pattern of the paper, and then started using the Frightfully Cute Stamps and Dies to "decorate".  

Below is what I call the "front" of the card.

In reality any of the panels could be the "front" because you just rotate through each of the four panels until you return to this one.

These cute little ghosts are sending the message "LESS TRICKIN' MORE TREATIN' as they fly through the black glitter spider webs.

On panel number two, below, we find some "FRIGHTFULLY CUTE" skeletons hanging around the grave stones.  The cute little ghost is keeping an eye on them from behind the tree on the left.

He's making sure those skeletons stay where they belong, and he's also getting a little help from his friend the glittery black owl!

As we move to Pin-Wheel panel number three, we find the bats have stopped by to tell you that they are "batty for you".  Their friend the spider in her web is making sure that she doesn't become their lunch!

As we continue to spin our Pin-Wheel, we arrive at the colorful candy.  It looks like the Ghost and the Witch may have arrived at the same time.  But all I see of the witch is her hat, so maybe the ghost scared her away, and she left in such a hurry that she lost her hat!  At least she left the candy!

The next turn of the Pin-Wheel will bring you back to the "front" of the card.  A great thing about this Pin-Wheel card is that it folds nice and flat so is very mailable!

Actually, making this card is much easier than it is to "explain" how to make it.  I'm sorry that I fretted over trying it before!  It's a great design to show off that pretty designer series paper we have, so I will definitely try it again!  I think it could make a fun Christmas card.

If you would like to try it, I have a FREE TUTORIAL available with dimensions and scoring details.  I shared my "decorating" details on the tutorial, but really, the fun part of this card is creating your own little picture story as your spin your own Pin-Wheel Card.

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