Friday, December 16, 2022


Today's cute Window Card was made with the Stylish Shapes Dies and the Stitched Rectangle Dies.  Stampin' Up! does have "ready-made" window dies called Picture This, but since I don't own them, I decided that I could make a Window Card using products I already have.  Besides, by mixing and matching dies from both the Stylish Shapes and Stitched Rectangle die sets, I could have both rectangular and circle shapes on my card.

What do you think?  I like how this turned out!

You have already met Foxy, Olivia and Bob earlier this week on our Walk through the Woods.  While they are hugely different from each other, and probably would not normally be friends, they decided to put aside their differences and become friends.  They are visiting at Fred's house, but Fred is still a little shy (remember him peaking from behind the tree) so he didn't want pose for the camera.  Fred said he would take the picture.  Steve the snail was just way too slow, so since he's running late, these friends decided to start the party without him.

Fred owns a Lava Lamp, and you can see the blue & pink glow it creates behind the friends.

These little guys are very thrifty and when they cut out their windows, they saved the pieces to decorate the inside of their card.

They all told me to be sure to Thank You for visiting us this week.  They were happy to get to meet you and said that if you would like to become friends and stay in touch, you should sign up for the Fairless Stampin' Flair Newsletter.  It will help you to stay updated on all types of fun activities and special promotions and also provide some additional crafting inspiration!

Olivia, the wisest of the three friends, says that if you would like to make a window card like this, be sure to download the free tutorial.  Bob, who is about to get ready for his long winter nap and is not feeling overly ambitious, also thinks using the tutorial is a clever idea because it saves a lot of thinking (and work).  If you agree with them, you can access the tutorial here.

Foxy says to check out the List below if you want to know more about the products I used to make the card.

Product List

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