Friday, December 2, 2022


I have an easy Double Card Base Fun Fold card to share with you today.

My deer, named Dudley the Deer, is feeling happy that he has avoided the Michigan Deer hunters for another day!  Since he hasn't grown his antlers yet, he figures maybe he was too young to draw the hunters' attention, but whatever the reason, he feels thankful.

To celebrate, Dudley decided to admire the pretty sunset from his Grassy Grove, but then he hears a rustle in the grass so quickly becomes alert and turns his head.  He is happy to see that it is just someone taking his picture.  He likes picture hunters so decides to stand still long enough for a nice pose.  Dudley thinks he must make a pretty silhouette with the colorful sun setting behind him.

Dudley told me that I now need to lift the grove and show you a full view of his pretty sunset.

He thought that the photographer might like this view also without all the trees blocking his view.  Dudley's birds were provided by the Heron Habitat stamp set.

After Dudley stands watching the birds for a while, he gets bored and decides to move on, so he starts walking.

He sees some wide-open spaces up ahead, so decides that he better stay back in the Grassy Grove -- just in case there are more than "picture takers" out there waiting for him.  He wants to play it safe to make sure he lives another day to enjoy another beautiful sunset.

I hope you have enjoyed my Grassy Grove cards this week.  If you would like a tutorial for today's card which provides cutting and scoring dimensions for the two card bases, as well as step-by-step directions to create the card, use this link to download a copy.

If you have been following my Scrapbook Saturday posts since July, I wanted to let you know that tomorrow will be the final Remembering Baxter post.  I hope you have enjoyed my journey down memory lane as I remembered my years with Baxter.  

The following Product List shows all products used to create today's Sunset Deer Fun Fold card.

Product List

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