Wednesday, February 7, 2024


On Monday, your Valentine inspiration came from Baxter the Beaver.  Today you are meeting Betty the BEE.  She has been a very busy bee and wants to show you her special Triangle Fold card.

In fact, she got so busy making her card that she missed one of the steps, but she decided she liked it anyway.

Betty attended the Creativate Retreat with me a couple of weeks ago, and that is where she learned how to make this card -- well not "exactly" this card because like I said, she forgot a step.

She thought her card was the perfect card to send to someone that she knows likes to display the cards she sends.  She said it is so pretty and colorful and sits up so nicely all on its own.

Her card also has a special "secret" pocket where she can slip in another little card -- or maybe even a gift card or some of that green stuff.  But since Betty has been spending all her money lately on "other stuff", she decided that she would just tuck another cute little card in her secret pocket.

Betty also wasn't feeling very talkative today, so she just wants to show lots of pictures of her card.  She said to tell you that pictures show off her card better than a bunch of words anyway.

But I do notice that she put herself front and center on the little card.  She has surrounded herself with lots of friends on the triangles but wanted to be all alone on the tiny card to make sure you knew the Happy Valentine's Day wish is from her!

Betty says to tell you to be sure to download the free tutorial.  That way you will be able to see which step she missed while she was so busy buzzing around!

A list of products used is shown below.

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