Friday, May 5, 2023


Today would have been my mom and dad's 74th Wedding Anniversary.  I thought it was 75 Years today, but I had to go look it up to make sure and found out they were married in 1949 not 1948.  I remember hearing the stories about how HOT it was that day.  Somewhere in the high 80's.  

They have both been gone for many years now, but I still miss them!  So, I decided to make this card for them.  Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!  Thank you for loving God, loving each other and loving me!

I know that Mom would have loved this card.  She loved flowers and she loved sending and receiving cards.  I still hear from relatives and friends how much they enjoyed getting cards and notes from her.  I also know that Dad would have liked it because I made it!   I'm reminded often by cousins that "Uncle George could build anything!"  And that is true.  Dad loved to build things!

I built this card using the Triple-Time Stamping Technique.  It is an easy technique where you layer three pieces of Basic White Cardstock on top of each other and then stamp all three at once.  Once you have completed the stamping you pull the pieces apart and mat them.  Then you just layer them back together being sure to align the images.  

It's not nearly as complicated as the things Dad used to build, but I'm sure he still would have liked it!

I used bright and cheerful colors for today's card.  The yellow is a new color called Lemon Lolly (it's quickly becoming a new Pat favorite), but all the rest are returning favorites, Gorgeous Grape, Fresh Freesia, Pool Party and Soft Sea Foam

For the inside of the card, I just repeated the colorful stamping, but without all the layers.  

I'm not really sure how I will use this card yet, but I'll add it to my stash and send it to someone, someday.

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